beep beep BEEP BEEP!! go’s the alarm clock seat for 7:00 AM, I force my self to roll over and slap the snoz so I can get my beauty sleep because a young growing boy needs he’s sleep. i shout my eye for what felt like few seconds then realize “@#$% I NEED TO GET […]

Paragraph 1: Romeo bumping into servant on the street in Verona In this story Romeo and Juliet, the fate pans out to be all these negative things like how Romeo and Juliet shouldn’t be together. Even though they’re trying to it isn’t working because all these bad things have happened, for example, Juliet being forced […]

so the prologue tells us about the fate that happens is the story of romeo and juliet and how all the out comes lead up to the big fornarly at the end of romeo and juliet when “fate” plans there life out and makes them end there live’s. also how romeo met juliet at her own […]

so in the story of

where: juilets bedroom time: wednesday morning characters: nurse, lady capulet, paris, friar lawrence, peter, musician 1 and 2, capulet events: the capulet family finds out juliet is dead quote: pray you put up your dagger and put out your wit

Location: Capulets house Time: late Monday evening Characters: Capulet, Paris, Lady Capulet Events: Capulet and Paris are discussing about a new wedding for Paris and Juliet and he promises that juliet will marry Paris on thursday. Quote: “These times of woe afford no times of woe”.

Location: Friar lawrence cell Time: Monday night Characters: Friar Lawrence, Romeo, Nurse Events: Romeo says he would rather be dead than banished. Then Friar Lawrence and Romeo start to make a plan to get him un banished and friar lawrence is going to try  to change the princes mind. Then the nurse comes in to […]

where: capulet house time: monday midday characters: nurse, juliet events: juliet wants to know if romeo wants to get married but nurse is delaying to tell juliet and whining about her back and now she is in so much pain which trustrates juliet even more quote: now comes the wanton blood up in your cheeks

where: streets of varona time: monday midday who: mercutio, benvolio, romeo, nurse, peter events: mercutio and benvolio have some banter together and romeo and nurse talk about romeo and juliets marriage.